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Dried flowers. Gold and cream. fan and flower

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Bunch of dried flowers. Gold fan with cream/white flowers, grass and seed pods.

Perfect for an on trend cake. Great for Mother's Day, birthday and weddings. 


Gold palm spear

Dried Lagurus grass ( bunny tails) in white.

Dried helichrysuym vestitum (straw flowers) White

Dried Phalaris (canary grass) white

Dried poppy seed head.

Posy pic to arrange your flowers in and prevent contact with your cake.

This is a non edible cake topper. These are dried grasses and flowers.  When arranging on your cake you should use a barrier so the stems do not come into contact with your cake. Such as a posy pic. Remove flowers before serving. and handle with care. Make sure no bits of dried grass or flower has fallen onto your cake before serving. Can make a lovely keep sake. Handle with care to avoid small bits falling off.